Philips legacy products: SQ45 - high performance amplifiers...

The SQ45 range of public address 'high performance audio power amplifiers' have have been designed to fulfill most professional public address requirements.

Due to their architectural design and high degree of versatility, they compliment any tailored public address or sound management system; making them suitable for multi-zone loudspeaker projects requiring amplification for a variety of audio signals simultaneously such as the Philips SM30 and SM40 sound management systems.

Philips SQ45 compact enclosure
SQ45 compact enclosure
The standard compact enclosure for the range of SQ45 amplifiers is designed to accommodate up to a maximum of four individual power amplifiers. The power amplifiers are available in the following configurations:
LBB 1342/40 1 x 100Watt
LBB 1343/40 2 x 100Watt
LBB 1344/40 1 x 200Watt
LBB 1346/40 4 x 100Watt
LBB 1347/40 2 x 200Watt
LBB 1348/40 1 x 400Watt
Ease of installation, together with excellent reliability and service accessibility have been optimized in the design of the SQ45 power amplifier.

While the Philips SQ40 and SQ45 is no longer manufactured we are able to provide an upgrade to the current Bosch Praesideo PA and Evac system. This cost effective upgrade allows you to extend the life of your SM30 or SM40 system, replacing core parts but maintaining much of your original investment. To find out more see our dedicated SM30 upgrade website or SM40 upgrade website.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Or if you know which part you are looking for, please complete our quotation request form and our Bosch team will respond to your enquiry immediately.

SQ45 datasheet (4 pages)
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