Philips legacy products: SM30 sound management system
The SM30 sound management system is a highly sophisticated professional public address facility controller, incorporating all the necessary interface circuitry for the comprehensive range of input and output modules.
Bosch SM30

While the Philips SM30 is no longer manufactured we are able to provide an upgrade to the current Bosch Praesideo PA and Evac system. This cost effective upgrade allows you to extend the life of your SM30 system, replacing core parts but maintaining much of your original investment. To find out more see our dedicated SM30 upgrade website by clicking here.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Or if you know which part you are looking for, please complete our quotation request form and our Bosch team will respond to your enquiry immediately.


System Operation >>
The system has been designed to meet commonly requested public address facilities. The SM30 sound management system comprises a control centre, callstations and SQ45 power amplifiers.

A callstation including a high quality cardiod electret condenser microphone allows the operator to route and transmit calls. Up to 36 loudspeaker zones can be selected all together, with several zones combined, or individually by typing in the zone number.

The SM30 sound management system is intended for use with 2 separate channels. One channel will amplify the 'call' signal and the other one the 'music' signal. This allows the music to be transmitted without interruption, when a call is made to other loudspeaker zones. To fulfill the need of amplified power, more SQ45 power amplifiers can be installed.

SM30 Extension unit >>
The SM30 extension unit is intended to function as an amplifier surveillance unit with spare amplifier switching, as an audio monitoring facility and as a volume override relay supply unit. Two groups of 5 amplifiers can be connected: 4 amplifiers with 1 spare amplifier which will be surveilled. However, it is is possible to connect 8 amplifiers plus 1 spare amplifier.

Please note that the SM30 is no longer available from Philips Bosch, all stocks of the equipment have been sold. However, if you indicate which SM30 items you wish to replace, we will contact you with a suitable alternative, please click here >>
SM30 system datasheet (8 pages)
SM30 extension unit datasheet (4 pages)
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