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SM25B Parts List
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Part number Description Quantity
LBB 2024/00 SM25B Booster Frame (Master Amplifier) 240Watt
LBB 2100/00 SM25B Booster Carrier Frame
(Accommodates up to 2 slave amplifiers)
LBB 2112/00 SM25B Booster (Slave) Amplifier 120Watt
LBB 2124/00 SM25B Booster (Slave) Amplifier 240Watt
LBB 2500/00 SM25B Module Extension Frame
LBB 2502/10 SM25B Power Supply Module
LBB 2505/10 SM25B Frame Interconnection Board
LBB 2510/20 SM25B General Mixing Module
LBB 2511/10 SM25B Call Station Module
LBB 2516/10 SM25B Mixing Input Module
LBB 2540/10 SM25B Alarm Routing Module
LBB 2541/10 SM25B Recordable Message Module
LBB 2550/00 SM25B Manual Zone Switch Module
LBB 2551/10 SM25B Zone Relay Module
LBC 2500/10 SM25B Call Station
LBC 2502/10 SM25B Call Station Extension
LBC 1500/00 SM25B Table Top Set
LBC 1501/00 SM25B Hand Grip Set
LBC 1502/00 SM25B Blanking Panel Set
LBC 1510/10 SM25B Call Station Connection Cable (10m terminated)
LBC 1520/10 SM25B Call Station Cable Reel


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