Philips Profecta legacy product
The Profecta (LBB 4003/00) is a digital signal processor frame for professional audio applications and is designed to suppress acoustical feedback. Profecta comes in a 19inch housing for rack mounting and has a front lid to cover all user controls to avoid accidental setting changes.
Bosch accoustic feedback suppressor

The performance of any sound reinforcement system is limited by physical and acoustical factors. Acoustical feedback occurs when the 'loop gain' of certain frequencies of amplified sound exceeds one. This is when sound from the loudspeakers arriving at the microphone is louder than the source arriving at the microphone. The sound of the loudspeakers is picked up by the microphone and amplified again. This cycle continues until the system's maximum output level has been reached.

Profecta incorporates an innovative piece of software that uses a patented combination of echo cancellation and frequency shift technology. With Profecta you get the best from your sound reinforcement system, and your audience gets to hear the message the way that it's supposed to be heard.


Please note:
This product is no long available, please see its replacement, the Plena feedback suppressor
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Profecta datasheet
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