Overview and applications  

The Plena family is designed to be easy to install, highly reliable and attractively priced. Incorporating state of the art audio technology, including options for PC managed digital messaging feedback suppression and digital background music, Plena is a total solution designed with your requirements in mind.

Overview of Plena products

>> Applications
>> Nte design service

Mixing and booster amplifiers
>> Call stations
Background music & messaging
>> Voice alarm /evacuation
>> Feedback suppressor
Loop amplifier

The bosch plena family of equipment
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>> Bars and restaurants
>> Small hotels
>> Offices and schools
>> Civic centres and colleges
>> Sports halls and playing fields
>> Shops, supermarkets and showrooms
>> Factories and workshops
>> Small railway and bus stations
>> Churches

The Plena family of public address equipment is specifically designed for small to medium sized PA applications, from one to 6 zones. The digital message manager and CD tuner, brings near CD audio quality to business and emergency messages. Feedback problems in poor acoustic areas can be easily solved with the addition of a Plena feedback supressor, ensuring your amplified speech is clearly heard by your audience. Larger scale applications (6 zone max), once only feasible with expensive sound management systems are well within the range of the Plena PA. With only a few units, a wide variety of configurations can be built to sit any application.
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Nte Ltd are a leading distributor for the Bosch Plena range both in the UK and overseas. Our specialist Public Address engineers will work closely with your company to design a PA system which exactly meets your requirements. Should you require our assistance we can also install and commission the equipment in your premises. We can work from architects drawings or carry out a site survey, for more information please do not hesitate to contact us.
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The Plena amplifier range includes, a choice of single, dual and six zone amplifiers. For larger applications booster amplifiers are available. All units have interconnection facilities for connecting external sound processing equipment or other Plena units. Bosch plena amplifiers
>> Mixing amplifiers (single and dual zone)
>> All-in-one background music and amplifier
>> Plena universal pre-amplifier (for additional inputs)
>> Plena system amplifier (up to six zones)
>> Booster amplifiers
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Plena provides a choice of three microphones for your installation:

>> Plena microphone
>> Plena all call station
>> Plena 6 zone call station

bosch plena table top micbosch plena all call stationbosch plena 6 zone call station
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Within the Plena family of products there is a comprehensive range of source units and amplifiers which enable background music and messaging for your public address system.

>> Plena all-in-one amplifier with background music
>> Plena CD source unit
>> Plena message manager

bosch plena background music and messaging
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Bosch have recently launched a combined public address and voice alarm system designed for announcements and emergency evacuation of small to medium sixed applications, such as shops, schools and hotels.

>> Plena voice alarm system controller
>> Plena voice alarm router
>> Plena voice alarm call station
>> Plena voice alarm remote control panel
>> Firemans panels

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The Plena feedback suppressor is designed to suppress noisy feedback in even the most difficult accoustic environments.

>> Plena feedback suppressor

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The Plena Loop Amplifier is a cost-effective amplifier designed to drive a wire loop installed in the floor or ceiling of a venue up to 600 m2 per amplifier. This solution enables hearing-aid users in the area enclosed by the wire loop to hear all announcements, soundtrack or music. Hearing-aid users can set their devices to the T-mode setting to receive the signal coming from the loop to receive excellent audio-quality announcements.

>> Plena loop amplifier

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