The Plena range of music and message sources

Within the Plena family of products there is a comprehensive range of source units and amplifiers which enable background music and messaging for your public address system.

>> Plena all-in-one amplifier with background music
>> Plena CD source unit
>> Plena message manager

Bosch plena family
  • Dual zone mixer amplifier
  • 120 watt output power
  • 70v and 100v constant voltage outputs
  • Three balanced microphone inputs
  • Selectable priority & vox switching on mic input 1
  • CD player for Audio and MP3 CD/CD-R
  • FM/AM tuner with 15 presets and digital control
  • Optional 2-tone chime to precede announcement
Bosch plena all in one amplifier LBB 1970/00
Plena all-in-one BGM amplifier (LBB 1970/00) - datasheet
Plena all-in-one BGM amplifier (LBB 1970/00) - brochure
Plena all-in-one BGM amplifier (LBB 1970/00) - SME brochure
Plena all-in-one BGM amplifier (LBB 1970/00) - installation & operating manual
The Philips / Bosch Plena BGM mixer amplifier is a dual zone 120w mixing amplifier and background music source in one unit. The dual zone model directs sound (announcements or background music) to two separate areas - very useful if zones need to be muted. The music source consists of a digital FM/AM tuner (15 presets to store radio stations) and a CD Player (Audio CDs and MP3 encoded CD-Rs). An auxiliary music input is also provided for external sources such as DVD or cassette deck. Priority and Vox microphone input.
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  • Mono source unit for background music
  • Single CD-player with random and repeat
  • Digitally-controlled FM/AM tuner
  • Simultaneous operation of CD-player and tuner
Bosch Plena CD player and tuner LBB 1961/00
Plena CD player / tuner (LBB 1961/00) - datasheet
An all-round PA system needs a quality music source. The Plena CD player/tuner is the perfect background music source. The track selection keys of the slot-loading CD player include random and repeat for background music.

The digitally controlled FM/AM tuner uses a frequency synthesizer for accurate capture of radio stations. It has 10 presets to store programs and keys for tuning and scanning. The CD-player and tuner both operate in mono as required for background music, and separate output are provided to allow two-channel music distribution. A mixed output provides the tuner signal, as long as the CD player is not playing. If the CD player is activated, then the CD player signal is provided on that output.
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  • Highly flexible standalone digital message player
  • Up to 12 messages and 12 trigger inputs
  • Download messages from a PC in WAV format
  • Compliant emergency standards
  • Zone control for Plena System pre-amplifier
  • Front panel control and remote control
Bosch Plena message manager LBB 1965/00
Plena message manager (LBB 1965/00) - datasheet
The Plena message manager is a high performance, stand-alone digital message player. Applications range from spot announcements in supermarkets to warning and evacuation messages in emergency situations.

Up to 12 messages can be stored in the internal 64Mbit EEPROM, without the need for data retention battery back-up. Each message can have any length within the total available capacity. Messages are downloaded from a PC via RS232 into the memory. The familiar WAV-format is used for the messages and sample rates of up to 8kHz up to the 24Khz with 16-bit word length (linear PCM) are supported. This gives up to 500s of recording time with CD quality signal to noise ratio. The unit comes with a dedicated PC program for configuration and downloading. After downloading the unit operates without PC connection.

The unit has 12 contact closure trigger points. Each can be configured for a sequence of up to 4 messages out of the available ones. In this way some messages may be used in different contributions with other messages, making efficient use of the available storage. The Message Manager can also be used for playing emergency / evacuation messages: it fulfills the EN60849 standard. With full supervision any failure in the unit results in a red LED fault indication with fault output contact.
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