The Plena range of booster amplifiers  

- 120W, 240W and 480W booster amplifiers
- Compact housings for rack mounting.

- 70V/100V and 8 ohm outputs
- Balanced line input and loop through output
- 100V input for slave operation on 100V speaker line
- Temperature controlled fan for high reliability
- Mains and battery back-up operation

Bosch booster amplifiers
The compact yet powerful mono Plena booster amplifiers can be added to drive as many loudspeakers as your application requires. They are used with the universal and system pre-amplifiers, and to supplement the built-in power stage in the Plena mixer amplifiers.

Available with 120, 240 and 480W output power, Plena boosters drive both 70V/100V constant voltage and low-impedance loudspeaker loads. A temperature-controlled fan ensure high reliability when driven at high power.

A balanced loop through connector simplifies connecting multiple booster amplifiers together for increased output power. A 100V line input is provided to connect the booster amplifier to a 100V loudspeaker line - useful for systems in remote locations.
Plena booster amplifiers (LBB 193x/00) - datasheet
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In the Plena range, there are three types of Plena booster amplifiers.

The LBB1930/00 is a 120W booster amplifier, the LBB1935/00 is a 240W booster amplifier and the LBB 1938/00, the new 480W booster amplifier. All are high performance mono amplifiers capable of fulfilling a wide variety of public address requirements for surprisingly low cost. The LBB1930/00 and the LBB1935/00 use the same compact 19", 2U high housing tabletop use and rack mounting, while the LBB1938/00 uses a 3U rack mount kit. A temperature controlled fan ensures high reliability at high output power and low acoustic noise at lower output power.

The Plena booster amplifiers have 70V and 100V outputs for constant voltage loudspeaker system and low impedance output for 8 ohm loudspeaker loads. The amplifiers are protected against overload and short circuits.

A balanced loop through connector arrangement facilitates easy connection of multiple booster amplifiers to increase the available output power. An additional 100V line input is provided to connect the booster amplifier to a 100V loudspeaker line, for additional output power e.g. on remote locations. Sensitivity or level control is on the rear of the unit to avoid accidental setting change. A VU-meter with LED-bar shows the output level.

These Plena booster amplifiers operate both on mains power and on 24V battery power supply for emergency backup

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