The Plena range of amplifiers  

The comprehensive range of Plena amplifiers provide you with a flexible foundation for your public address system.

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>> Mixing amplifier
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System pre-amplifiers

Bosch plena family
  • A choice of output power up to 120W
  • Single and dual-zone mixer amplifiers
  • Four balanced inputs
  • Includes priority input with chime
  • Separate emergency input

Bosch plena amplifier LBB 19xx/10
Plena mixer amplifiers (LBB 19xx/10) - datasheet
Plena mixer amplifiers (LBB 19xx/10) - installation and operating manual
Plena mono mixer amplifiers have four microphone input, and separate emergency and music input. Additional functionality like priority assignment, VOX switching, speech filter and two-tone chimes are also provided. You can add Plena booster amplifiers to increase the loudspeaker driving capability.

The dual-zone model directs sound (announcements or background music) to two separate areas - very useful if announcements or background music need not to be heard everywhere. Two front panel switches direct the output to the separate zone.

The Plena mixer amplifiers are available with a choice of 30W, 60W or 120W rated output power. They can drive 70V and 100V constant voltage outputs and low-impedance loudspeakers.

All Plena models have interconnection facilities for connecting external sound processing equipment as an equalizer between the pre-amplifier and power-amplifier stages.
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  • Dual zone mixer amplifier
  • 120 watt output power
  • 70v and 100v constant voltage outputs
  • Three balanced microphone inputs
  • Selectable priority & vox switching on mic input 1
  • CD player for Audio and MP3 CD/CD-R
  • FM/AM tuner with 15 presets and digital control
  • Optional 2-tone chime to precede announcement
Bosch plena all in one amplifier LBB 1970/00
Plena all-in-one BGM amplifier (LBB 1970/00) - datasheet
Plena all-in-one BGM amplifier (LBB 1970/00) - brochure
Plena all-in-one BGM amplifier (LBB 1970/00) - SME brochure
Plena all-in-one BGM amplifier (LBB 1970/00) - installation & operating manual
The Philips / Bosch Plena BGM mixer amplifier is a dual zone 120w mixing amplifier and background music source in one unit. The dual zone model directs sound (announcements or background music) to two separate areas - very useful if zones need to be muted. The music source consists of a digital FM/AM tuner (15 presets to store radio stations) and a CD Player (Audio CDs and MP3 encoded CD-Rs). An auxiliary music input is also provided for external sources such as DVD or cassette deck. Priority and Vox microphone input.
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  • Fully-featured, four-input mixer
  • Three different input priority modes
  • Individual audio settings for each input
  • Interconnection for external equipment
  • Ideal in combination with booster amplifiers
Bosch plena univesal pre amplifier LBB 1920/00
Plena universal pre-amplifier (1920/00) - datasheet
Plena universal pre-amplifier (1920/00) - installation and operating manual
The universal pre-amplifier extends the configuration possibilities of the Plena family. It offers a choice of mixing, blocking or serial input priority modes. Each input channel has its own volume and tone controls, a selectable filter to optimise speech intelligibility, and direct output.

On the output, it is also possible to override local loudspeaker volume controls to ensure an important message gets through

Three input priority modes are available: mixing mode; blocking mode (first activated channels gets priority over all others); and serial mode (channel 1 has priority over 2, 3 and 4, channel 2 has priority over 3 and 4, and channel 3 has priority over 4). In mixing mode, each input channel can be mixed to the master output, irrespective of priority.
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  • The heart of a six-zone call system
  • Two inputs for dedicated call stations
  • Separate music and call channels with dedicated tone controls
  • Emergency input with VOX switching
  • Selectable alarm tone, time signal and chimes
Bosch Plena system pre-amplifier LBB 1925/10
Plena system pre-amplifier (LBB 1925/10) - Datasheet
The Plena multi-zone call system provides dual-channel operation (call and background music) for six zones. It has two call station inputs, a selectable filter for optimising speech intelligibility, and separate volume control and tone control for the speech and background music channels.

Six levels of priority are available for music, microphone, call stations, trigger inputs and the emergency input. Six buttons on the front panel are used to route the background music to selected zones.

Zone selections for the call channels is made via the Plena station. The unit has an emergency/telephone input with VOX. When an emergency audio signal is detected, it automatically overrules all other inputs.
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