Intellivox DDC line array loudspeakers

With the Intellivox DDC range of active line array loudspeakers from Philips/Bosch, no acoustic challenge is too difficult.

The attributes of these unique loudspeakers can be adjusted by software to match any environment with 'tailor-made' audio. This unique capability leads to exceptional speech intelligibility - the best there is.

peakers up to almost 5m in length are available, offering an extremely long throw, so just a few are needed for even the largest of buildings. And, unlike any other line array speakers, the Intellivox can be set up flat against the wall or flush-mounted into a wall for extra aesthetic appeal. With this family of amazing loudspeakers, Bosch Security Systems really is taking sound further.

Digital Directivity Control
With Intellivox DDC, the sound direction is adjusted electronically (and not by altering the mounting angle). This means that the loudspeaker is mounted flat against the wall, as a bonus, reflected energy is directed towards the listening area, increasing intelligibility.

Superior direct / reverberant sound ratio

The same sound can reach a listener at different times due to reflections or because there are multiple sound sources. Acoustic information received within 50ms contributes to clarity and speech intelligibility and anything received thereafter adds to the reverberant sound level. The ratio between the two is the key determinant for speech intelligibility and is maximized with Intellivox. Fewer loudspeakers are therefore needed.

bosch intellivox loudspeaker range


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. 5 loudspeakers for different applications
. Unrivaled intelligibility of speech & music
. Unique software control allows directing and 'shaping' of sound
. Active loudspeakers - integrated power amplifiers and equalizers
. Integrated remote monitoring
. Even coverage of listening area
. Cost effective - very few required to cover large venues

bosch Intellivox is ideal for use in large auditoriums
The Intellivox range
The Intellivox DDC family consists of five line array loudspeakers, each specialized for applications of different size. Together this family offers a solution for even the most complex and demanding acoustic challenge. The range starts with the 67cm long Intellivox-1b, ideal for smaller venues and extends right up to the almost 5m long Intellivox-6c, which provides crystal clear sound in even the largest spaces.

The dedicated WinControl software package is used to configure the acoustical characteristics of the loudspeakers as well as for continuous monitoring, diagnosis and reporting of system status. Intellivox loudspeakers are also a key element in EVAC compliant sound emergency systems.
In large venues the distance and reverberation of sound between loudspeakers and listeners make it difficult to understand announcements clearly. Intellivox loudspeakers can be configured by software for even the most complex acoustic environments. They provide excellent clarity from a minimum of speakers; just one or two are required to cover this entire 1000m squared historical hall (shown alongside). And vertical mounting on walls minimizes the visual impact on any interior still further.

Transport terminals pose a considerable acoustic challenge. There is background noise and people are on the move and are not listening attentively. The sound has to carry long distances, yet the information being broadcast is of vital importance. Intellivox loudspeakers provide the best intelligibility there is, and can be used in even the largest of halls. Being part of a voice evacuation system, they also play a vital role in the event of an emergency. No wonder they are already installed in a number of the world's major airports.
diagram of intellivox appplication in complex acoustic environment

photo of bosch intellivox installed in large theatre
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