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Bosch Praesideo components
The simple system philosophy behind Praesideo is demonstrated by the amount and total inter-compatibility of system elements.

By combing multiple functions in the units, the number of different system elements is kept to a minimum, thus simplifying both ordering and installations. Putting together a top class public address and emergency sound system has never been this easy.
Praesideo call station
  • Heart of the system: stores all control information, configuration settings as well as prerecorded audio messages
  • Allows easy configuration of even the most complex systems from a PC
  • Built-in web server allows, configuration, diagnostics and logging from remote locations
  • Constantly monitors all system components and reports any changes in status
  • Provides general purpose four audio inputs and four outputs with digital audio processing
  • Provides eight control inputs and five control outputs
  • The network controller stores the configuration details and the last 99 fault messages
Bosch Praesideo network controller Lbb 4401/00
Network Controller LBB 4401/00
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  • High-efficiency Class D amplifiers generate less heat and allow for closer stacking in a 19" rack
  • Digital audio processing and adjustable delay per channel
  • Amplifier and loudspeaker line monitoring and spare amplifier switching
Bosch Praesideo power amplifier Lbb 4421/00
Power Amplifier LBB 4421/00
  • Ambient microphone connection enables output level adjustment for max intelligibility
  • Control inputs & programmable output relays for functions such as volume restoration
  • Control inputs & programmable output relays for functions such as volume restoration
  • A provision is made to plug in an end-of-line detection master card (LBB 4442/00) to monitor the loudspeaker lines for short circuit, open circuit or short to ground conditions.
Four different Praesideo power amplifiers are available:
  LBB 4421/00   Power amplifier (1 x 500Watts)
  LBB 4422/00   Power amplifier (2 x 250Watts)
  LBB 4424/00   Power amplifier (4 x 125Watts)
  LBB 4424/00   Power amplifier (8 x 60Watts)
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  • Enables extra audio inputs and outputs to be added, so for instance additional background music, microphone or line signals can be fed into the system
  • Digital audio processing for each input and output
  • Provides four audio inputs and four audio outputs, as well as eight control inputs and five control outputs
  • Control inputs and outputs act as an interface with external equipment such as alarm buttons, fire alarm systems and telephone exchanges
Bosch Praesideo audio expander Lbb 4402/00
Audio Expander LBB 4402/00
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  • Praesideo call station basic LBB 4430/00 has easy 'press to talk' operation, with loudspeaker and even a headset socket for monitoring
  • Built-in DSP equalizer and limiter
  • Stylish appearance
  • The Praesideo call station kit LBB 4433/00 has the same functions as LBB 4430/00 and is intended for building into custom made units, such as a 'fireman's panel.'
Bosch Praesideo call station Lbb 4430/00
Callstation LBB 4430/00
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  • The Praesideo Keypad LBB 4432/00 connects to a call station (LBB 4430/00) for greatly increased functionality
  • Eight pre-programmable selection keys allow for one-touch selection of messages, alarm signals, music, routing (zones) and a whole lot more.
  • It is possible to connect up to 16 Keypads to a Call Station Basic.
  • The Praesideo keypad kit LBB 4434/00 has the same functions as LBB 4432/00 and is intended for building into custom made units, such as a 'fireman's panel.'
Bosch Praesideo call station keypad Lbb 4430/00
Callstation LBB 4430/00
with one Callstation Keypad
LBB 4432/00
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This is a special cable with 2 plastic fibres for data communication and 2 copper cores for the power supply. The cable is supplied with the network connectors fitted. This cable can be used to connect the network controller to power amplifiers, audio expanders, call stations etc. Cables are available in various lengths. All cable assemblies are supplied with pre-terminated connectors (LBB 4417/00) with the exception of the 100m cable LBB 4416/00. These cables are used for distances of up to 50m. For cable distances of more than 50m, a fibre interface unit LBB 4414/00 is used to convert to glass fibre. For more information click here >>
Praesideo network cable connector Lbb 4417/00
Praesideo network cable connector LBB 4417/00
  LBB 4416/00   Network cable 100m (supplied without connectors)
  LBB 4416/01   Network cable assembly 0.5m
  LBB 4416/02   Network cable assembly 2m
  LBB 4416/05   Network cable assembly 5m
  LBB 4416/10   Network cable assembly 10m
  LBB 4416/20   Network cable assembly 20m
  LBB 4416/50  

Network cable assembly 50m

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The Network Splitter, LBB 4410/00 can be inserted anywhere in the Praesideo system cabling. Allows extra branches in the network to be created. The network splitter also has a provision to connect a 48Volt DC supply which can be used if additional power is required.

Fibre Interface ensures optimum signal integrity for longer cable interconnections. It also conveys signals from plastic to glass fibre cabling or visa versa. Plastic fibre is used to connect Praesideo components for distances of less than 50m. For distances of more than 50m, a glass fibre optic cable is used and the fibre interface unit LBB 4414/00 is used to convert from plastic fibre to glass fibre.
Bosch Praesideo network splitter LBB 4410/00
Praesideo Network splitter
LBB 4410/00
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