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Bosch Praesideo applications and overview
The simple system philosophy behind Praesideo is demonstrated by the amount and total inter-compatibility of system elements.

By combing multiple functions in the units, the number of different system elements is kept to a minimum, thus simplifying both ordering and installations. Putting together a top class public address and emergency sound system has never been this easy.
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- International congress centres - Cruise ships
- Industrial complexes - Public buildings
- Airports - Shopping centres
- Metro Stations - Theme Parks
- Hotels - Community centres
- Railway Stations - Supermarkets
- Transport terminals - Stadiums & sports venues
Easy System Design
Unlike traditional PA systems, the Praesideo uses a network configuration rather than having all system elements connected to a central controller. This architecture gives real freedom in system design. The 'daisy-chain' network topology means system elements can be connected (and added at a later date) to virtually any point.

The optical system cabling carries no signals, so no extra wiring is ever necessary. Smaller systems can easily be expanded to match changing requirements, for instance creating new zones. And the flexible system architecture allows any type of equipment to be located wherever is most suitable in the building (e.g. power amplifiers closer to loudspeakers)

What's more, by connecting the network ends together, a 'redundant' loop is created so any break in the cable doesn't affect operation - an important consideration in an emergency system. Automatic switching to spare elements in the system is possible if equipment operation is disrupted.
- Compliant with almost all major standards for emergency sound systems
- Digital audio
- DSPs in most system elements
- Class D-type of amplifiers
- 'wire-free' loudspeaker line supervision
- High capacity network
- Branched tree network topology
- Optional fibre network
- WEB based technology
- User friendly configuration tool
- Worldwide applicable
- Eliminates cross talk, preserves signal quality
- No need for external equalizer, delay unit, limiter
- Lower power consumption (battery capacity), less heat, less rack space
- Reduced installation cost
- Multiple simultaneous audio channels
- System elements can be located anywhere, virtually no system limits, making installation quick and easy
- Higher security in operation
- Immune to interference
- Direct connection to local area network (no additional PC required), remote configuration and remote diagnostic
- Reduces engineering costs
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